Rumors, Glitches in Lynch Search

It's been six days, and there's still no sign of 42-year-old Swainsboro beautician Cindy Lynch. But Thunderbolt police aren't giving up, and neither is her family.

Search efforts hit a roadblock over the weekend when sonar technology being used in the water stopped working. Today, questions and rumors continued to swirl.

Burrie Lynch can't help but fight back tears when thinking about his missing sister-in-law. Burrie and his wife have spent many nights on the Lynch family boat. Burrie has been by his brother Chet's side while the search for Cindy has dragged on.

He says hope is fading fast. "I hate to say it, but I think it's going to be the worst."

Burrie says when it gets cold, the Thunderbolt dock where the family's boat is moored can get slick. Police believe Cindy may have slipped and fallen into the water.

They're hoping sonar equipment will help speed up their search effort, but the technology has failed them so far. "There was a glitch with some of the programming," said Det. Bill Buttersworth.

Det. Buttersworth says the water has been dragged, and once the sonar is working again, the water search will continue.

But he insists they are not ruling anything out. "We're not trashing any tips, we are checking all of them," he said.

Burrie says the family has been pounded with rumors and questions about Cindy, from theories about her disappearance to news that she was found.

He wants the rumors to end and let police do their job. "It hurts. It hurts everything. So people need to keep their comments to themselves."

A helicopter and the Army Corps of Engineers have been brought in to help with the search. The Lynch family also has some divers coming in. Meanwhile, police continue questioning family and friends, looking for answers.

Reported by: Don Logana,