Residents Concerned About Two Pet Shootings

Who would shoot someone's pet cat or dog? That's what police want to know. In the past few weeks, someone shot two families' pets on Wilmington Island. It appears the shooter used a pellet rifle in both attacks.

The latest incident happened about a week ago when the attacker shot a cat in the side. Mollie, a gray-and-white cat, was shot on January 14 and since then has undergone five surgeries.

Mollie was shot in the Bull River Bluff community on Wilmington Island. It's an neighborhood full of pets and pet lovers.

"I was very upset and I think it takes a sick person to do something like that," said resident Dee Cramer.

Cramer has four cats and a dog of her own. "I had some animals injured and I have been upset, but they haven't been injured for maliciousness and that's particularly upsetting I think."

Mollie isn't the only cat that has been injured. Police have also received a report of a dog that was shot in this same area.

Police don't know who is responsible for the shooting. Neighbors don't think it's anyone in their community. They say the shots are coming from across the marsh.

"I've asked my neighbors to keep an eye out for my cats, and I keep them inside to go to work, but this is a really safe area out here and I hope they do catch the person," said Cramer.

Mollie the cat died this afternoon. Police say they are monitoring the area and increasing their patrols in Bull River Bluff and the land across the marsh.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,