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Tips to prepare for upcoming tornado season


A tornado can strike any time of year in the Southeast, but especially the spring when warm air hits cooler air systems. For that reason, federal, state, and local emergency crews warn people to prepare in advance. 

In Georgia, tornadoes kill more people than any other weather system.

Ted Wynn, public safety director for Bulloch County, has a list of preparation tips that can give you a few minutes of lead time to possibly make the difference between life and death. The first tip is to own and use a weather radio and keep it programmed to local channels.

"Another is to know the terms you hear," urged Wynn. "A watch means the conditions for a tornado are present. A warning means one has been spotted already."

Wynn also urges everyone to have a plan.

"Have a place already identified that you'll go if a tornado approaches," he said. 

He recommended a basement or first floor hallway away from windows and doors. If outdoors, look for a ditch or the lowest area possible. In addition, have flashlights, food and other essentials on hand to get through a few hours without power or contact to the outside world.

"A tornado is less likely to do the damage of a hurricane, but you still need to have what you need in case you can't get out for a while," Wynn noted.

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