School Bus No Show

It was a long, cold evening for some young children when their bus didn't show up to take them home from Bloomingdale Elementary School until after 6pm yesterday. Apparently there was a substitute driver who didn't show up, and some parents didn't even know there was a problem until late in the afternoon.

"I was worried because I thought my momma thought something bad had happened," said Bloomingdale student Kayla Scott.

"She calls us and tells us that she's still at school, the bus hasn't come to pick them up and it was more than a dozen children," Kayla's mom, Jackie, told us.

Says she's never had a problem with the normal bus driver, but the substitute who was supposed to take kids home didn't show, and now she's angry. "Small children. Elementary school kids that are left at school until it's dark. It's ridiculous."

A pair of teachers stayed with the kids the whole time, so they were never left alone. "We just sat down and were doing coloring sheets," Kayla said.

But Jackie Scott says the whole situation is inexcusable because it went beyond just a little tardy. "I can understand that. i can understand it being a little bit late, but the bus did not show up until six this evening to pick up these kids."

Another bus did finally show up to take care of the kids, but it wasn't until 6pm. We were unable to reach the bus company, Laidlaw, for comment last evening.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,