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New assessment approaches for Georgia students

Jiya Jackson Jiya Jackson
Lindsay Bunett Lindsay Bunett
Acillen Watts Acillen Watts
Dr. Gloria Lamb Dr. Gloria Lamb
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The biggest changes include no multiple choice and taking the exam online, but thanks to a partnership, some Dougherty County students now feel prepared.

Eighth graders at Merry Acres Middle School are getting some much needed practice before they take the new state testing system next month.

"It's been helpful because we kind of get an idea of how it's going to be and so we won't be so stressed out when we take it," said Jiya Jackson.

A bus is a mobile classroom and allows students to take sample tests, to prepare for the real thing. "The main thing is to be able to navigate smoothly through there, to be able to look at the icons and know what they mean," said Teacher Gloria Lamb.

Georgia Milestones replaces the CRCT, and students will now be clicking a mouse instead of using a pencil.

"It's a big transition because I have been doing the CRCT for the past seven years and transitioning over to computers, I mean technology is helpful going from paper to the computer," said 8th grader Lindsay Burnett.

The new testing system also measures critical thinking by asking open ended questions.

Students have mixed feelings about the new format, but think it's helpful in the long run. "They kind of don't want to take it because it's constructive response, and we're use to multiple choice," said Jiya Jackson. "When we get in college it will prepare us for the papers that we have to write. So having the constructive response will be very good."

"It gives you a chance to think for yourself and not actually guessing and going by what you think or really don't know," said 8th grader Lindsay Burnett.

The C.H.Y. Foundation is behind bringing the Fort Valley State University mobile classroom to Merry Acres. "We're really pushing close to 200 students that we've been able to help, to kind of release some of the tension and stress and anxiety from not knowing what to expect," said Acillen Watts.

And organizers hope this practice leads to both a boost in confidence and test scores.

The mobile classroom has been at Merry Acres Middle School all week. Parents even had a chance to check it out.

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