Asked & Answered: What is OC Welch's obsession with goats?

Asked & Answered: What is OC Welch's obsession with goats?

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - If you've ever seen OC's commercials you know he has a thing for goats, and one viewer actually asked that question, so WTOC asked him about it.

The viewer asked, "Just curious why Mr. OC Welch is obsessed with goats in his advertisements? I think they are cute, but, was wondering if there was a significance in particular? Thank you!"

"Well we kind of had goats in our family for a long time. My mom raised goats. We grew up with goats. They are a lot of fun...and they are harmless. I've had goats when I first started my car business I had two cars and two goats. and that's a fact," Welch said.

There are other variations, he'll admit taking lives on of their own, including a young OC being told he'd never make it in the car business and to take his goat and get out.

"That was a story...and it was a true story. There are all kinds of stories about big city goat and JC Lewis and OC Welch and stuff like that. That's all old conversation. Everyone has their opinion of that," he said.

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