Asked and Answered: Jimmy DeLoach and I-95 Traffic Lights

Asked and Answered: Jimmy DeLoach and I-95 Traffic Lights

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - If you live in the Highlands community near Jimmy DeLoach and Benton Boulevard, you know its history of bad and sometimes deadly wrecks.

Will that growing area be getting traffic lights soon?

I've only been standing here a few seconds, and cars and trucks have been whizzing by fast and only will get worse as more cars come into this area. This is a growing area at Jimmy Deloach Parkway and Interstate 95, and people who live here want something done about it with traffic lights at these intersections.

WTOC viewer Casey Harris writes: "Mr. Logana, I'm interested in knowing if the city of Savannah has plans on installing street lights on Jimmy Deloach and I-95 at Highland Blvd. The area is growing rapidly and I would hope they would not wait until a fatal accident occurred, before being concerned about."

And since 2007 alone we've seen a number of bad crashes and several fatal accidents at the Benton Boulevard and Jimmy Deloach Parkway intersections. The city of Savannah does tell me a request has been sent to the Georgia Department of Transportation to install signals at the I-95 interchange, however there are no current plans for Highland Blvd.

GADOT's Jill Nagel said the state must review many traffic light requests.

"Quite frequently, yes. Just because you put a request in and a have a study done doesn't mean you will get a traffic light. It has to be justified through the study it is warranted," Nagel told WTOC.

I just got an email from Department of Transportation saying the studies are complete and are being reviewed by the district. Once they are signed off on, they will be forwarded to the Office of Traffic Operations in Atlanta for approval or denial. If you have a question for WTOC asked and answered send them to


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