Toymaker Finds Home for Doll House

Monday night we introduced you to a toymaker with a Christmas gift to give away. He made a wheelchair-accessible doll house. After our story aired, his phone lit up like a Christmas tree, and builder Bob Focht found a home for this miniature home.

"I watched the story on the news and walked outside to smoke a cigarette," he said. "Before I could finish, the phone started ringing."

To look at Madison Lynn's face, her new doll house could have come from Santa himself. Madison's grandmother, Karen Rich, was the first to call about the free treasure.

"When we walked in I just couldn't believe it," she said. "This is just incredible. Just amazing."

She says the house will be a rare bright spot in the seven-year-old's life. When Madison was two, a car wreck paralyzed her and killed her mother.

As soon as he can, Focht will cut down the legs and saw out part of the table so Madison can reach inside easier. Now that she's seen it, that could be the longest time in the world to Madison.

Since he's found someone for the first house, Focht plans to make more this year. "I've told my brothers if they have spare time, come on over," he said. "Don't wait for me to call and ask for help, I'm going to need them every chance I can get."

As busy as Focht will be to make more houses, the smile on Madison's face is reason enough for him.

In addition to this one doll house, Focht spent last year making other wooden toys that went to charity at Christmas.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,