City Working on Brick Crosswalks on Bay, Again

The commute along Bay Street these days is a nightmare, for the second time in four years, thanks to a construction project which had to be redone. Businesses are saying now that the roads are torn up again, and traffic is backed up again, their sales are way down.

"The construction is hectic," said Wendy Stevens, a cashier at Time Saver.

Construction crews are slowly shutting down one lane of the two-lane road section by section from MLK to Lincoln Street to replace brick crosswalks. Again.

"Now they got to tear it all up start over, do the same job twice," said Jere Meyers, owner of Jere's Antiques.

It turns out that four years ago, when the city first laid the bricks, they couldn't handle the weight of the traffic and crumbled. Now the city is laying new concrete bricks.

Meyers remembers the headaches four years ago and feels another one coming on. "It does have an adverse affect on business. People get aggravated with the traffic downtown anyway, much more so when it's a bottleneck like it is now."

And drivers are aggravated, too. "Savannah needs to do something about this detouring," on motorist told us. "I'm hoping when I come back tomorrow they will have this fixed."

So aggravated they aren't making their usual stops, even at the gas station. The only people filling up are looking for lunch.

"We are getting the constructions workers that are doing the road, without them we wouldn't get any business," said Stevens.

The city says the roadwork should be done by mid-February and businesses hope this is the last time this type of construction will have to take place.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,