Golson in Court for Recall Hearing

Former superintendent John O'Sullivan.
Former superintendent John O'Sullivan.

All the Savannah-Chatham school board recall efforts could hinge on what happened today. A Superior Court judge heard arguments for the recall of board president Hugh Golson. It's the last remaining action against a school board member.

The question tonight: did Golson play a part in getting the school district put on probation?

There was plenty of testimony at today's hearing, but most of the witnesses and questions focused on other board members, rather than Golson.

Rev. Leonard Small kicked off testimony against Golson. While Small claimed Golson failed to lead the board and extinguish lingering problems, the collection of witnesses didn't do much to back up Small's claims.

One surprise: former superintendent Col. John O'Sullivan was called to the stand. He defended Golson.

After four hours and more than eight witnesses, Golson's attorney, Alex Zipperer, seemed confident the school board president would avoid a recall.

Judge John Harvey advised the board of elections to decide this Friday whether or not it would certify the recall petition against Golson. He also asked for more detailed evidence, in writing, from Small's attorney as to why Golson should be recalled. That's due Tuesday at noon.

A rebuttal by Golson's attorney will be due by Thursday at noon. The judge should make a decision that afternoon.

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com