USO Gets Unexpected Donations

Simmons presents a check to Bush.
Simmons presents a check to Bush.

As more and more troops deploy, the community continues to give support to our soldiers and reservists. Today the USO received a huge donation, which came as a complete surprise. You name it, they got it, from money to water to everything in between, all in one day.

The USO knew they were hosting a news conference today in front of soldiers at Fort Stewart, but they had no idea they would be announcing such unexpected and generous donations.

"It's hard to keep up with what has happened today," said the group's Mitchell Bush.

The original announcement was to thank the Ladies Auxiliary of the VFW for their unexpected donation to the Savannah chapter, a check for $2,000 that in the past has gone to the Atlanta chapter.

"My department treasurer called me and said she would be mailing the check to Atlanta and I said no, send it to southeast Georgia this time," said Ladies Auxiliary member Susan Simmons.

Then another unexpected surprise: a donation of 5,000 220-minute phone calling cards, bringing smiles to all the men and women.

"Being able to call and talk to our family and not having to worry about paying a bill is really important," Spec. Wyatt Cleary said.

And they were not done with the donations yet. One of the biggest surprises came from EZ Go. They donated a golf cart to help get the USO volunteers get around with their supplies on base.

And then finally, out of the clear blue, a huge donation of something every soldier needs every day and something the USO has been begging for: bottled water. Thousands of bottles, filling up four semi trucks.

"We're constantly training, and having good bottled water to drink all the time, well people think it's redundant, but it's really a gift," said Spec. Cleary.

The USO says they are just overwhelmed by the support of the community and they hope the donations keep on coming.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,