Lynch Search Grabs National Attention

Chet Lynch's construction site at Victory Drive and Waters Ave.
Chet Lynch's construction site at Victory Drive and Waters Ave.

Cindy Lynch vanished nine days ago. Tonight, the entire country is learning about the search for the Swainsboro beautician. The story of her disappearance is making national headlines.

The search has been going on at the Thunderbolt Yacht Club and Marina off River Drive. Boats were back out this morning, but nothing has turned up.

"It still remains a mystery," said Det. Bill Buttersworth with Thunderbolt PD.

He says every lead has been checked since Lynch turned up missing last week. Despite rumors and innuendo, her husband Chet claims innocence. "I can only say I have cooperated with authorities 150 percent."

Buttersworth does say Chet Lynch has been extremely helpful in their investigation.

Meanwhile, family members like Cindy's mom Joyce Toulson have taken turns appearing on national news programs, including Fox News and Court TV.

"I think the more coverage we can get the better," Toulson said.

Buttersworth says the attention can help and hurt. "Occasionally we get weird calls and we've been getting weird calls on this," he said.

The water search will now move farther down the Wilmington River along the coast line. But new leads are coming in all the time. "We are not going to leave any stone unturned," said Buttersworth.

Cindy's family will be appearing on Court TV tonight. Meanwhile, Chet Lynch's son will be on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren, who we are told will be flying into Savannah for a special interview with family members tomorrow afternoon.

Reported by: Don Logana,