Red Cross Reminds Donors of Local Need

Whenever there's a fire, the Red Cross is always there to help the victims. This month, there have been so many fires that the Savannah chapter is concerned about being stretched too thin. The problem is that the Red Cross has provided aid to more than 120 fire victims this month alone, spending thousands of dollars, and the month isn't even over.

In this month alone the Savannah Fire Department has responded to 23 fire calls. Almost all of them could have been prevented.

"It may be somebody's got a candle burning or left one unattended or around pets and children where they can be knocked over causing a fire, those kinds of things we look as being preventable fires," said the department's Matthew Stanley.

The fire department puts out the fire, but can't help the victims, many of whom have nothing left but the clothes on their backs. It's up to organizations like the Red Cross to jump in to help.

But now, they need help themselves. "We want to remind people too that we have smaller disasters every day here at home and particularly this January, we're really feeling it here at the Red Cross in terms of the number of fires we've responded too," said the group's Diane Weems.

With all the disasters across our area and across the world, the Red Cross wants people to know that every dollar donated helps. "It's an opportunity to remind our community who has been so generous that we appreciate everything that they've done for tsunami relief, for hurricane relief, but to remind them not to forget that there's a need here at home too," said Weems.

If you'd like to help, send donations to: The Savannah Chapter of the American Red Cross, PO Box 9987 Savannah, GA 31412 or call 912.651.5300.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,