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I-16 Concrete work not even half way finished

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - I've got good news and bad news and some more bad news.

The good news is that the Georgia Department of Transportation has decided to halt all construction for the Easter Holiday Weekend, so you won't see lane closures along I-16 and other major roads beginning midnight Friday, April 3 until Tuesday, April 7.

The bad news is the I-16 concrete maintenance project is slated to last until August. Then the worst news is that the same maintenance and lane closures have now begun in the westbound lanes.

Reginald Holmes lives in Savannah and travels I-16 several times a day.

“I try to avoid it; I would go the opposite direction and it takes you out of the way to go where you got to go," said Holmes.

Holmes understands our major interstate needs major maintenance, but questions the long hours of the lane closures and timing.

"Start it at one in the morning, or 12 at night or something like that and cut it off or clear up by the time rush hour starts," he said.

But the GADOT said it takes twelve hours to cut, pour, and for the concrete to cure, and they'd rather interrupt daytime traffic than the morning commute.

Garden City Police Chief David Lyons smiles and said, “"Pay it forward. Let the guy in, the next time someone will let you in."

It's positive thinking that could help us all through the next five months on I-16, even though the timing is a real pain in the tail light.

“We're all in this together," Lyons said.

And while he acknowledges it's rude to merge at the last minute, it's not your job to straddle both lanes to keep people from getting over.

"You're actually violating the law yourself, because you're impeding the flow of traffic," Lyons said.

One thing that won't impede you for too much longer are those giant, somewhat intimidating saws they use to cut the concrete. The subcontractor said their part of the job is 98 percent complete.

But a new adventure in patience is they've just begun working on the westbound lanes as well, until late August.

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