"On the Record" Host Visits to Cover Lynch Story

The disappearance of Cindy Lynch continues to make national headlines. From Court TV to Fox News, entire shows have focused on the missing Swainsboro woman. Tonight, a big name in news flew into Savannah to cover the story.

Why is this case so interesting to Fox News that they would send Greta Van Susteren here? Some viewers have asked, if Lynch were a poor black male, would it still make news?

We spoke with Van Susteren today, and she says the search for Cindy Lynch has one key ingredient. "The mystery. A woman is on her boat. She leaves it late at night and vanishes."

To Van Susteren, the Cindy Lynch story's appeal is a no-brainer. Friday morning, the Fox News legal expert and host of On the Record paid a visit to Chet Lynch, whose wife has been missing since last Tuesday.

"There's nothing like seeing the scene," said Van Susteren. "I want to talk to him in person. I want to see the boat, see the dock where she walked. I want to look at the whole area."

But some wonder if race plays a role when a missing persons case like this gets such high-profile treatment. "It's a criticism we always get, and it's a valid one," said Van Susteren.

"Not everything happens because someone's black or white," said local NAACP president Dr. Prince Jackson. He doesn't think race plays a factor.

He says money does. "If a black woman owned a yacht and lived there with her husband, we would be following up on that too."

Did money play a role for Van Susteren? "I didn't know she was wealthy until I got here, so for me, no."

Instead, Van Susteren says it's the power of the media which she hopes will make a difference. "Wouldn't it be nice if we found Cindy Lynch, and wouldn't it be nice if we found Cindy Lynch alive?"

Van Susteren has already done three shows on the Lynch case. Tonight at 10pm will be her fourth featuring her visit to Thunderbolt.

Meanwhile, the search was suspended today while police went over details of their investigation to decide which way they will move next.

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com