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Lowcountry school transforms library into technology hub

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - One Lowcountry school is ditching library books and transforming their media center into a technology hub for elementary school students.

The books inside the Red Cedar Elementary School library have been taken out and replaced with technology to enhance student's learning experience. On one side of the room there are students doing Math, language arts, and reading activities in groups.

“We're doing a story teller, where one of us has to do the characters, another has to do a setting, and I have to do the ending," Nataly Suastegui, a student, said.

Across the room, students are using computer programming skills to control a robot.

“They're like our bowling pins, and we're trying to knock them down with the Sphereos by controlling them with the iPad," Lisneyri Pralta, a student said.

The pilot project focuses on using technology as a hands-on alternative to learning, while encouraging teamwork.

“When you look around this room, you will see children working with each other and that's probably the biggest benefit of this technology," Kathy Corely, the school's principal said.

Students say the new teaching method makes it easier to learn by keeping them engaged and interested.

“It's like games that show you how to use it instead of being plain ol' math and boring stuff," Lisneyri said.

“It also has things that encourage you to come here and play games to learn and that's what I like about this media center," Suastegui said.

The books aren't gone. They were placed in the atrium right outside the media center so students can still check or and read as much as they like.

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