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Latest on police shooting: Bystander fears for safety

By The Associated Press

8:30 a.m.

The man who recorded a police officer shooting a black man says he fears for his own safety since he was identified as the person who videotaped what happened.

Feidin Santana told NBC's "Today" show on Thursday that people now know where he lives and works. He says he considered staying anonymous for a time.

Santana says "lives changed in a matter of seconds" when he recorded the shooting on his way to work.

His attorney, Todd Rutherford, appeared on the show with him. Rutherford says Santana is afraid, noting the first thing he asked Thursday morning was, "How can I get protection?"

Rutherford says Santana never saw the officers perform CPR or other life-saving measures.

8 a.m.

A prominent defense attorney is now representing Michael Slager, the white officer charged with murder after he was recorded shooting a black man as he ran away during a traffic stop.

Andy Savage is now representing Slager, according to court records. Slager had been denied bond at a brief hearing Tuesday, where he was not accompanied by a lawyer.

Savage previously represented Eddie Bullard, a 15-year North Charleston police veteran who was fired from the department after authorities said he shot his own protective vest on July 4, 2012, and then reported that someone had attacked him.

The charge was dropped after Bullard pleaded guilty to providing false information to police and was fined $159.

Savage did not immediately respond to phone and email messages on Thursday.

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