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Speak Out Editorial - 04/16/15

This week Georgia followed our neighbors in South Carolina in enacting a law that allows CBD oil, derived from marijuana, to be used legally in the treatment of some illnesses. 

We applaud the legislature for that move; CBD oil has proven effective in bringing relief to people suffering through the debilitating effects of epilepsy and other diseases. 

Unfortunately Atlanta also followed its friends in Columbia in not legislating a way to get the CBD oil. The Georgia legislation doesn't include a provision to allow medical grade marijuana to be grown or sold. And since possession of marijuana is against federal law you can't just run out to Colorado and pick some up without risking arrest. 

For their part the feds have reliably looked the other way. But do you really want to be technically illegal on a day when a random TSA agent's in a bad mood? Let's get real…both states need to legislate a way to get medicine to the folks who need it. And the federal marijuana law needs to change to reflect what's happening in the states. 

What do you think?

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