Brief Filed in Golson Recall Effort

The recall of Savannah-Chatham school board president Hugh Golson is in the hands of a Superior Court judge. After a hearing last week between Golson and the recall chairman, Rev. Leonard Small, the battle is now being fought through paperwork.

Rev. Small had until noon today to present Judge John Harvey with this brief outline of why Golson should be recalled, and case law to back it up. He and his attorney turned in an eight-page brief today.

"The principle matters in this brief refer to the illegal meeting aspect of our petition for recall," said Rev. Small.

Small has accused Golson of illegally holding closed-door meetings about the improper conduct of board members and the SACS probation, and organizing an illegal closed-door meeting with the probation task force.

Golson has until Thursday to submit his rebuttal brief.

Golson is currently the only board member that has reached this part of the recall process. The board of elections has thrown out recall petitions on other members, mainly for improper signatures. "There have been ups and downs," said Rev. Small.

But he says it isn't over yet. He plans to keep trying to recall other members of the board. "Are we still resolute that we shall proceed? Yes. Are we saddened by the fact that we must proceed? Of course. There's no fun in doing this, it's a situation where we are trying to protect our children."

Judge Harvey could decide as early as Thursday afternoon whether the recall can continue. In the meantime, board member Daniel Frazier is trying to restore the public's confidence in the school system with a town hall meeting this evening at Hubert Middle School.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,