Swainsboro Community Mourns After Body Found

The discovery of a body matching Cindy Lynch's description in the Wilmington River puts an end to all but the slimmest hopes that she might still be alive. Moods in Emanuel County shifted from desperation to grief. Lynch's daughter Zaid Greenway says she's numb from the days of uncertainty and is bracing for the news she hoped she wouldn't face.

Outside Lynch's beauty shop, candles still burned today, some in memorial and some in the flickering hope Lynch was still alive. With an unidentified body found last night, Cindy's daughter has moved beyond hope.

"I want to know how she got in the water, what happened and stuff like that," she said. "Any damage? Any trauma? Stuff like that."

As her family has agonized through her disappearance, she says the national attention has made the ordeal even more difficult. "It's hard when it's your family they're talking about on TV and it's your momma they're looking for," she said.

Lanard Richards owns the business next door to Lynch's. He says this quaint, small town where everyone knows everyone is mourning, too. "We are our brother's keeper and it affects people in Emanuel County, not just Swainsboro, but all of Emanuel County. This is home."

While the attorney for her step-father says a preliminary report Tuesday rules out foul play, Greenway isn't convinced this was an accident. "I still have my doubts and uncertainties," she said. "But I don't know for sure what happened. Nobody does. I still have the way I feel."

With everyone all but certain the body is Lynch's, her hometown is already mourning a member of the family.

Reported by: Dal Cannady, dcannady@wtoc.com