Lynch's Family Has Unanswered Questions

Cindy Lynch
Cindy Lynch

The family of Cindy Lynch wants to know what happened the night she disappeared. The attorney for Lynch's husband Chet tells WTOC the body found Monday in the Wilmington River is that of Cindy Lynch.

But the family isn't buying the autopsy results. Police say it was an accidental drowning. Family members still have a feeling someone pushed Lynch into the Wilmington River, and they may have some help investigating their suspicions.

Some might think the autopsy would be the end. Think again. "How do you determine it was accidental?" asked Lynch's brother, Randy Clark. "She could strut in heels better than I could walk in tennis shoes."

Clark has 24 years of police experience. He watched searchers look for his missing sister and says what Thunderbolt police call an accidental drowning just does not make sense. "Just to say, 'Oh, she fell off the dock,' it's hard to swallow."

Randy and Cindy's mom, Joyce Toulson, spoke early on about problems in Cindy's marriage. "She said, 'I just feel like something is going on, I don't know what,'" she quoted her daughter as saying. "And she said, 'I'm telling you, if something happens to me, call authorities and get help.'"

"It was rocky enough for her to say that to my mom, and I would think authorities will look into it," said Randy.

The very next night, Lynch disappeared. Relatives have pointed the finger of blame at her husband Chet Lynch. Police say he's has been nothing but cooperative.

"People are going down a road they should not go down," he said.

Randy Clark says private investigators have offered their help and his family has hired a Savannah attorney. "Not to say nothing against Chet, but we just want some answers."

Local forensic experts say the most telling sign in this investigation will be the toxicology report. Was Cindy Lynch drunk at the time of her accident? It could reinforce the accidental drowning cause or raise more questions.

The full autopsy results should be made available this Friday, along with the positive ID.

Reported by: Don Logana,