The Sower Turns 90

Rev. Dr. Michael Guido, aka the Sower.
Rev. Dr. Michael Guido, aka the Sower.

As the world wishes the aging pope John Paul II a speedy recovery, a south Georgia minister nears the century mark. In Metter, the Rev. Dr. Michael Guido celebrated his 90th birthday Sunday.

At 90, he is still going strong. The Sower keeps a schedule that could tire a man half his age.

"Every day I write at least three messages," he said. "I spend two to three hours recording radio programs. I spend two to three hours dictating letters. Then I spend time counseling. I get calls from all over the world."

A nightclub bandleader in the 1930s, he wandered into a revival for the music and left a changed man. After seminary, he traveled the country to preach, including Metter where he met and married wife Audrey. Then a car crash nearly killed them both.

"Coming home in the ambulance, I said, 'Dear, the Lord spared our lives. Let's do the work of four instead of two,'" he told us.

With a car crash ending their traveling days, they took a different approach. Through radio, television and newspaper, he now reaches every state in the nation and beyond. Between Armed Forces Television and various religious cable networks, the Sower's messages are seen around the world.

While he feels the effect of age through bad health and failing eyesight, he presses on.

"When the day ends and the lights come on and I know I have one less day to serve the Lord than I had the day before, and that hurts me," he said.

But he plans to make the most of all those remaining days.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,