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Speak Out Editorial - 05/14/15

The construction on I-16 is frustrating, the traffic bottleneck at the new Tanger outlet isn't as bad as we feared, but for a real mess it appears you have to go to highway 204. 

Vance McFarland wrote us about the routine 20 minute drive to Savannah Mall on 204 that took him an hour and a half the other day. A lot can be questioned in the planning - or lack thereof in such a situation, but sometimes there isn't really a workable solution to the problem. 

In those instances Mr. McFarland asks a reasonable question: where are the police officers to keep the traffic flowing as best it can? WTOC First Alert Traffic Expert Jamie Ertle says that we might just have to suck it up and plan for a little longer commute on I-16 until the work's finished in August. 

She says that the maintenance is necessary to keep from having to do much more disruptive work in the future. The transportation crews have heard the public outcry to work at night when there's less traffic and they're doing that. But I-16 is dark and - wouldn't you know it - twice already cars have driven into the wet concrete and disrupted traffic even more. Jamie does suggest that people learn alternate routes to get to their destinations. And plan to leave a little earlier. 

What do you think?

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