Memorial for Cindy Lynch

"She cared for other people," said friend, Brenda Hixcox, of Lynch (right).
"She cared for other people," said friend, Brenda Hixcox, of Lynch (right).

For two weeks, the disappearance of a Swainesboro beautician kept one small community in the spotlight; however, last Monday, the body of Cindy Lynch was pulled from the Wilmington River, ending any hope she might be found alive.

On Sunday, friends and family said their final goodbyes at her memorial service at Grace Community Church in Statesboro. It was not the end they had hoped for. Despite their grief, those who loved Cindy Lynch came to honor the woman taken too soon.

"She loved the Lord, loved to talk about the Lord," explained Brenda Hixcox, a friend of Lynch's family. "She loved her children, her husband, all of her family."

Hixcox remembers Cindy's joyful spirit. "She cared for other people," she said.

While sorrow lined the faces of many mourners, the memorial service gave them the closure they so desperately needed.

"She's gone to be with the Lord," Hixcox said. "That makes it easier. It makes it easier for me, knowing she is in a better place than here, dealing with things on this Earth. I praise the Lord for that. At least I know where she's at."

Cindy Lynch was buried in the Eastbrook Cemetery in her hometown of Swainesboro. Investigators have ruled her death was an accidental drowning.

Reported by Melanie A. Ruberti,