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Speak Out Editorial- 05/21/15


America Needs Re-engineering!

Now we know what we want from our elected officials in the next election cycle. Another fiery crash and the tragedy of multiple deaths has made very clear that our highways are failing and American infrastructure is crumbling. 

The Georgia Department of Transportation reported a 25% rise in accidents in the first quarter of this year and that was well before the most recent horror. 

The frustration level with our highway system is boiling over. We got an email from Walter Ingram who told us of his hour and a half journey home through our clogged arteries; Claudia Collier asked if we could know which exits would be closed each day beforehand so we can plan our routes. Can we? 

The other issue that MUST be examined is trucking; both of the recent catastrophes involved trucks who may bear responsibility for the disasters. But the overarching issue remains the highway system which was magnificent when conceived but that was under President Eisenhower! 

Pat Prokop noted the other day as we were preparing our hurricane procedures that since hurricane Hugo in 1989, the last hurricane to brush the coast our population has doubled; Beaufort County has nearly tripled. 

But what about our roads? We're headed for a disaster. It's clear to us we need an engineer in the White House and every other elected office next time. 

What do you think?

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