Beaufort Co. working on apps to make services more accessible

Beaufort Co working on apps to make services more accessible

BEAUFORT CO., SC (WTOC) - People in the Lowcountry will soon be able to report storm damage, excessive mosquitoes in the area, or even lost pets to county officials, with apps on your Smartphone or tables. Beaufort County is making some of its services more accessible through technology.

The days where you have to search for numbers to request certain services in Beaufort County are limited.

“Having apps and having this technology boost will allow people to take care of something right then and there," Beaufort County Spokesperson Joy Nelson said.

The county is working on multiple apps; one is a mosquito control app.

"This app will allow people if they're getting bit and seeing more and more mosquitoes, they can immediately in that moment request an inspection or send a request to mosquito control saying 'Hey, I've noticed a lot more mosquitoes. Can you please come check my backyard,'" Nelson said. 

You can even report suspicious dead birds that may be carrying illnesses. The second app is called 311.

 "You'll be able to click on all of the county agendas. You will also be able to sign up for any alerts," Nelson said. 

Those alerts will notify you of things like inclement weather, if a lane closure is expected, or if a portion of the beach is closed. The extra technology won't be a burden on budgets.

 "It's not a huge cost to Beaufort County, to the citizens, to taxpayers. We've just employed the right people to handle it. Any real expenses will be coming out of the IT budget," Nelson said. 

One Beaufort County resident said he likes the idea of the county using technology to keep people informed.

"As with all things smartphones the younger generation seems to be more up to date with the apps that are going on. I think it's a great way to move forward for the community," Jerry Stephens said. 

Once released, the apps will be free for both smartphone and tablet users.

The mosquito app will be released in the beginning of June, and the 311 app is expected to be available at the end of 2015

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