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Optimism Runs High at Peach State Pigskin Preview

MACON, GA (WTOC) - Coaches from around Georgia are in Macon for the 14th Annual Peach State Pigskin Preview.

KEN GRINER/WTOC SPORTS-"It's the first week of June and that means it's time for the Peach State Pigskin Preview, this is the 14th year that they've done that here at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, a chance for us to sit down with the coaches. That includes Georgia Southern winners of the Sun Belt last year, and Georgia Tech, the ACC Coastal Division Champions." "Were you able to build off the grat success you had last year?"

PAUL JOHNSON/GEORGIA TECH HEAD COACH-" Well we'll find out, I thought we had a good spring, of course our guys are in off seasons workouts now. It's a special group and each team takes on it's own chemestry so we'll se how this one unfolds."

WILLIE FRITZ/GEORGIA SOUTHERN HEAD COACH-"Our goals are to defend our Sun Belt title, and to play a thirteenth game. We are fully bowl eligible, we've got another really challenging schedule, but it is going to be a little bit different, we've all got to improve."

MARK RICHT/GEORGIA HEAD COACH-"I'm just excited about everybody about everyone coming in to town in the next day or two and getting ready to go to work, because that's what it's all about, getting in great phyical condition, getting stronger, faster, quicker, continue to work on your skill sets, continure to grow as a team, to get mentally and physically tough enough to earn the right to win games."

ERNEST WILSON/SAVANNAH STATE HEAD COACH-"Instead of us just talking about us not doing this, let's go out and recruit those players that can play against those schools, and become the premiere program in Savannah like we want to in The Coastal Empire."

Georgia Tech gets a jump on the rest of the Peach State schools opening with Alcorn State on September 3.

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