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Speak Out Editorial- 06/04/15

Here's a worrisome new wrinkle in an already scary situation. Suppose we have to evacuate for a hurricane this year and get all of our people west via the same roads that can't accommodate the traffic on an average day. 

Since 1990 the Lowcountry population has grown more than 95 percent, Effingham County 100 percent, and if you want to get an idea of what's happened in west Chatham County the best yardstick is to ride out I-95 any afternoon. 

Now imagine moving all of those people at the same time on the same highways. It's a catastrophe waiting to happen. This Saturday at 8 p.m. make sure you catch WTOC's Hurricane Watch; traffic, road repair and routes to safety are a major focus of the broadcast along with how to prepare to evacuate. 

You'll hear every single person on the show tell you to leave early. With the conditions of our highways and the population explosion those are literally words to live by because getting everybody out ahead of the storm is almost as scary as the hurricane itself. 

What do you think?

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