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Local Club Fitter Gets National Recognition

Savannah's Chip Usher recognized by Golf Digest as one of top 100 Club Fitters in U.S.

Chip Usher-"There's a lot of golf businesses in the United States, so sure you like the recognition, and also, a lot of people have seen it, I've been amazed at the response."

Usher has always liked to tinker, and build things, and calls his love of building golf clubs a natural progression. After spending 21 years in a successful financial job, his sideline became a fulltime job, so he made the move to full time club fitter.

"I do consider it a job, the best part is, bringing my dog to work, that is truely the best part of this job."

That love of bringing his dog to work led to his brand, and putter line. But his other interest on the side don't end there, as he makes belt buckles out of old club heads.

Chip Usher-"I came up in a generation where we always did something with a hammers, and nails,,and wood. And I guess when I got in to golf, it was just natural that I would work on my own golf clubs, whether it be regrippng to begin with, then reshafting later, and thenthe whole process."

Usher calls Muira the samuri sword of golf clubs, and there is a connection, as the founder of the company studied under the former “toshos,” or swordsmiths. Usher enjoys the feedback, when his swords help golfers master the game.

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