Investigation to Continue in Lynch Drowning

Cindy Lynch
Cindy Lynch

More questions have been answered in the death of 43-year-old Swainsboro beautician Cindy Lynch. Her body was pulled from the Wilmington River at the Thunderbolt Marina Monday night last week. This morning, police released results of toxicology tests.

According to the reports, no matter how Lynch fell in the water, she was extremely intoxicated when she died.

Twenty-four days ago, Lynch disappeared. Last week, her body was found and her death ruled an accident. The toxicology report seems to back up the official cause of death.

"It probably answers a lot about the drinking," said Det. Bill Buttersworth. He told the media this morning Lynch's blood-alcohol level was .30, more than three times the legal limit to drive a car.

But other questions weren't answered, like:

Did someone push Lynch into the Wilmington River? "I can't comment any further," said Buttersworth.

If people are still being questioned, then who? "I can't go into any part of the investigation."

And, what about a reported half-empty bottle of wine found in Lynch's car? "It's not a closed case yet. Some things we are not going to comment on."

Buttersworth did say "she was physically impaired."

"There never were signs of a criminal matter," said attorney Bill Bell, who represents Chet Lynch, Cindy's husband. "This is a family tragedy, not a criminal case."

Bell says Chet tried to keep what he calls Cindy's alcoholism out of the news, but in the end it was unavoidable. "A lot of people think very highly of her and we don't this to diminish that in any way," said Bell.

Bell calls this the final chapter in the death of Cindy Lynch. Det. Buttersworth says the story doesn't end just yet.

"We still have leads to follow and things we are looking at," he said.

Sources have told WTOC that detectives will continue questioning people at the marina.

We spoke with Chet Lynch earlier today. He wouldn't go on camera, but says he wasn't surprised by the results of the toxicology report.

Reported by: Don Logana,