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Speak Out Editorial- 06/18/15

A Beaufort mother stopped at a local restaurant a couple of weeks ago and left her child in the car with the engine running and the air condition on. Another restaurant patron noticed that the child had been in the car for over an hour and called police. 

Fortunately, the child was fine and Beaufort police told WTOC that the mother was checking on the child periodically and the child was not distressed, nor exposed to the heat. 

Applying the relevant South Carolina law, the Beaufort PD cited the mother for parking an unattended motor vehicle. Really? A parking citation when you leave your child alone in a running car for an extended period of time? 

In their statement, the Beaufort Police deplored the actions of the mother but found no South Carolina law that had been violated. Now in Bluffton, just a couple of days ago, a man who left his dog in his parked hot car was charged with cruelty to animals by the Beaufort Sheriff's Department. There seems to be a gaping inconsistency so let's make this easy: if you leave any living creature unattended in a car for more than 5 minutes – squirrels, babies, dogs, cats - we're going to throw the book at you. 

What do you think?

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