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Have You Heard: Krispy Kreme Scheme

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We have heard some low-down dirty scams before, but using a sick child to tug on the heart strings -- and donuts from Krispy Kreme to pull on the waist snap -- may be the dirtiest yet.

WTOC viewer, Stacy Cross from Rincon, posted the scam alert on WTOC Don Logana's Facebook page on Tuesday night. As soon as he shared it, the comments section lit up with people who had donated to the same man, with the same sad, made-up story. It goes something like this. He works for Krispy Kreme, and he is asking you to buy donuts to help raise money for a sick boy who is having open heart surgery. Stacey says he never came back with the donuts. He goes by the name Daniel Lowe, and in some cases, Mike Smith. Krispy Kreme tells WTOC there is no one working for them by those names who is raising money for a charity or a little boy in need. Bruce Kirwan, owner of the Loft Cafe, fell for the sames donut scheme -- but no promise of donuts. Instead, he had a teenage female accomplice stop in first, selling magazines, before making the Krispy Kreme Schemer make his plea for money.  

"Ugh...he came in with like a T-Shirt and a towel, and covered in signatures, and 'get well soon' for a boy. He seemed sketchy, of course, but you never know someone to that degree, and I think I was in a vulnerable moment," said Bruce Kirwan, owner of the Loft Cafe. 

Bruce describes the scammer as about 5'6, maybe 50-60-years-old, stocky, tan like a roofer, bad eye on one side, with brownish hair. He says he tucks in his shirt into shorts. You can check out Don Logana's post on Facebook for more details on his other victims.

If you run in to this low-life, contact police right away, and if you have a scam or scheme we need to know about, alert the public. Don't hesitate to contact Don Logana on Facebook here, or email us at askwtoc@wtoc.com

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