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Coastal Plains League May Hit Savannah


Grayson Stadium is more than a decade older the one in Euguene. We really didn't know what was in the near future for Grayson, but our Cristina Tuso has this look at what may be on the way to the grand old stadium in Daffin Park.

Willie Smith / Sand Gnat Season Ticket Holder-"It's a wonderful feeling. It's a great stadium for one thing…It's about the best stadium I know of around the South. I've been to a few new stadiums but it don't take the place of Grayson."

Willie Smith, a Sand Gnat season ticket holder for the last 15 seasons knows what Grayson Stadium means to baseball, and what baseball means to Grayson…and just as quickly as it bids a professional team goodbye, it welcomes in an amateur team that will play in the Coastal Plain League.

"Now I'm not gonna say what's gonna happen, how it's going to work out with the fans. But me as an individual…I'll be here.

Like Smith, many Savannian's don't care about the team, the league or the caliber of ball that occupies Daffin Park….so long as there is baseball at Grayson Stadium in the Summer.

Jay Turner-"I've got friends that are here now. They don't care who is playing there just here to watch baseball…I mean we're not Mets fans by far."

Savannahs newest sports team will be an expansion of the Coastal Plain league that is currently made of 14 teams from the Carolinas and Virginia…No better way for the league to be welcomed into the peach state than to play at a historical land mark that has been a part of baseball for the last 89 years.

"There has always been a baseball team here. Since I was little we came and watched the Cardinals…I think the Braves may have has a team here….there's too many people here not to have a team. Someone is going to come and watch baseball." The new team will open its first season may of 2016 Cristina Tuso WTOC Sports.

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