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The Bowling Allgood Brothers

The bowling Allgood brothers, Chris and Kevin, have been tearing up the lanes locally for many years.  They Keep their passion for the game going with the competition of leagues and tournaments. Our Rick Snow has more.
That is the sound you'll hear a lot when Chris and Kevin Allgood are on the lanes.  The brothers have been bowling all their lives.
Chris Allgood- “Oh, I got into it going out to the bowling alley with my parents, watching them bowl.  I started bowling in the youth leagues and I've been bowling ever since.”
Kevin Allgood- “Being out there every Saturday morning watching my brother, ever since I was 5, I've been doing it and loving it.”
When your bother was coming up, did you try to help him or was he just kind of a pest?
Chris- “No, between me and my dad, we worked with him.  I mean, we wanted to keep up the family tradition and just keep it going.”
Kevin “If you don't bowl, It's like, who are you?  You got to in our family.”
They try to help each other on nights when they bowl on the same team but that doesn't mean there isn't a friendly rivalry there.
Kevin “Oh, yeah, all the time.  I always think I'm the better one and he thinks different,” so.
Who is?
Kevin “Oh, I definitely am!”
The rivalry comes out especially in the race for perfect games.  After all, they each have 12.
Kevin- “Oh, yeah, It's just like motivation.  If he shoots one, I feel like I have to catch right back up. It feels the same way for him, too.”
Chris Yeah-“ we keep track of all our 300s, 800s, we keep track of who's in first and everything, averages and all.”
The Allgoods bowl 2 nights a week during the summer months and 3 nights a week the rest of the year.  Rick Snow, WTOC Sports.

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