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Speak Out Editorial- 07/02/15

There's been a lot of second guessing of law enforcement lately. 


So WTOC staff and members of the editorial board went to the Georgia Public Safety Training center where officers Gary Taylor and Harlan Proveaux helped explain the dynamics when a cop enters a crime scene.

“I work here…get your right hand in the air…”

In one example, Chris Muth is called to a suspected break in at a warehouse. What Chris confronts is one of the biggest problems officers have; the time difference between action and reaction.

“It’s hard to perceive that threat, your brain to process that and then for you to pull the trigger.  You’re talking about a second and a half where you’re against an offense that only takes a half a second.”

The longer reaction time for cops makes decisions more critical and mistakes more likely.

“Sir..stop trying to flee…”

In another example, Tim Williams has to decide what the bad guy is pulling out from behind him. Tim chose well, but too late.

There's been a lot of deserved focus lately on poor decision making across the nation by law enforcement, but the editorial board of WTOC believes it's only fair to understand the situations into which law enforcement is thrust. 

“This is life or death – this is a shoot or no shoot scenario.”

What do you think?

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