Girl Scouts' Gifts Support Troops Overseas

Troop 70 watching video of the soldiers with their flags.
Troop 70 watching video of the soldiers with their flags.

Sometimes it's the little things that mean a lot, especially for soldiers overseas. Statesboro Girl Scout Troop 70 made 500 flags and notes for some Third Infantry Division soldiers, but couldn't deliver them personally to the troops.

WTOC was there when scout leaders gave unit leaders the gifts. And again last night, when the Girl Scouts saw what their gifts mean. We took video we brought back from a recent trip to Kuwait and showed those Girl Scouts just how much those flags meant.

"These young girls have taken the time to do something so beautiful for the Army, for the soldiers," said military spouse Elizabeth Smith.

A small troop of five, these young girls made the flags for the soldiers of the 1st Battalion 9th Field Artillery. "We worked really, really hard on those and it was a little bit disappointing that we didn't get to give them those flags," said Girl Scout Wendi White. "But it was really special they kept them."

WTOC sent a crew to Kuwait a few weeks ago. They found the soldiers and asked them if they still had their Girl Scout flags. Every single one of them did. Now these Girl Scouts are seeing how their small gift is making such a big impression.

"I expected them to keep them, but not right there in their pocket," said Troop 70's Kassandra Baker. "I thought it was kind of sweet they kept it close."

"Now that I've seen what's really going on over there and how much they really do appreciate this, it's really amazing," said Spencer Dutton, who helped make the flags.

Now these Girl Scouts can really see just how important gifts from home are for people so far away from it.

"Now they have seen what they have shared with the soldiers over there and how important is that American flag to a soldier 3,000 miles away from home, and their families and knowing somebody cares and thinking of them, and that is worth 1,000 words," said Smith.

These Girl Scouts plan to do more for the soldiers by sending them care packages.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,