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Speak Out Editorial- 7/9/15

I had the privilege recently to attend a change of command ceremony at Hunter Army Airfield. 

Lt. Col. Will Bowman turned over the reins to incoming command, Lt. Col. Michael Squires. We wish Will and has wife Kate continued success and safety in their next assignment.  .

During Will Bowman's farewell address he noted the considerable support that the men and women of our military receive here in Savannah and our surrounding communities. He remarked that the outpouring of community good will that service personnel receive here is unique. Will's comments have been echoed in conversations that I've had with other military personnel in the area, and that struck me both as odd, and unfortunate. 

Anyone that has had the opportunity to be around these men and women knows the depth of their commitment and motivation to keep our values, way of life, and personal safety secure. It's appalling to me that any community would not embrace these brave men and women, regardless of your political leanings, or thoughts about our role in today's volatile global landscape. 

These Americans willingly put their lives on the line to protect our personal freedoms, and when you thank them for their service, they will typically and humbly respond, "that's my job!" So I say to Lt. Col. Bowman, new commander Lt. Col. Michael Squires, and to the thousands of men and women that call our area home, at least temporarily, it is us that "thank you".

We are the fortunate ones to have you in our midst. WTOC has a long history of support for our military, and under my leadership, that will go unchanged. Welcome To Our City Lt. Col. Squires. Anytime WTOC can lend a hand to you and your family, give us a call!

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