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Speak Out Editorial- 7/16/15

This just in, there are sharks in the ocean! 

We have conclusive proof with this aerial video taken off the Florida coast.  Yup, those are sharks. 

Recent attacks have brought the predictable media frenzy – a different kind of sharks- and the accompanying near panic for many along the coast.  And because the incidents have occurred as close as Hunting Beach in the Lowcountry, the attacks have gotten our attention in a way that’s probably out of proportion to the actual threat. 

Not much has changed for sharks in the last few million years, they’ve always liked to feed around dusk so that’s not a good time to swim at the beach.  If you attract them with bait at places like the Tybee Pier where people fish for them, some will doubtless show up.  If you swim near the pier you’re liable to be collateral damage.  And if you’re splashing around on a surf board or a paddleboard or a boogie board that looks like what they eat – you might get an unwanted visit.

There are risks associated with swimming in the ocean and there always have been:  the current, jellyfish, crabs, sharks, to name just a few.  But those threats are much the same now as they’ve always been.  It isn’t that the news is so much worse, it’s that the coverage is so much better.

Even Jaws didn’t have to compete with “Shark Week.”

What do you think? 

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