Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

As part of Women's History Month, some seniors from St. Vincent's Academy spent the morning at the Anderson Cancer Institute learning about the risks of breast cancer.

The girls are part of Roy Keen's women's history class. In a recent survey, the girls were asked to list their biggest concerns and breast cancer was number one.

The seminar was designed to help them become more aware of the disease, which is the second leading cause of cancer deaths after lung cancer.

"You know, the girls have heard all the horror stories and so I wanted to alleviate their fears and educate them what to do about it if it should arise in your lifetime," said Keen.

Dr. Paula Denitto, a graduate of St. Vincent's Academy, presented the lecture. She is also a member of the breast cancer team at Anderson Cancer Institute.

Reported by: Jody Chapin, jchapin@wtoc.com