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SCAD Unveils New Athletic Logo

SCAD Unveils New Branding for Athletic Department

Savannah, Georgia – Savannah College of Art and Design has unveiled its new logo and branding identity for the athletic department on both its Savannah and Atlanta locations, Thursday afternoon. The new branding sets SCAD’s visual direction for several years to come.

“The new branding gives SCAD a positive and more recognizable identity,” said athletic director Doug Wollenburg. “These are exciting new marks that are bold and vibrant.”

The new branding features several different color palette options including black, gold, silver, and white with the primary font being Gotham.

The new athletic logo was designed and developed by the partnership between the creative services department and the athletic department over the past year.

As part of the implementation both athletic departments are in the process of redesigning their websites to reflect the new branding. The launch of the new website is scheduled for later this year.

This is the first time in 15 years that SCAD had modified its logo, with the last modification taking place in 2000.

SCAD athletics has also launched its official Instagram account. Fans can follow SCAD at SCADSAVBEES.

Fans may follow SCAD athletics on Twitter (, Facebook (, and Instagram (SCADSAVBEES).

(From SCAD Reports)

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