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Speak Out Editorial- 7/23


There’s no substitute for feeling valued and worthwhile.  That’s true for every person of any description at any station of life.  The Coastal Center for Development Services has figured that out.  They’ve created a program to train people with disabilities so that their lives can be as fulfilling as a mainstreamer.    

"So many times we are stereotyped and stigmatized by our chromosome or our hair color or the color of our skin. It's no different for people with disabilities. They are projected to not be able to do things. He really can when given an opportunity.

That approach to engaging people who have been marginalized is reaping big rewards for people like BJ Clark who once upon a time would have been institutionalized or worse yet cast off.  That would be a tragic loss of an inspiring, happy life.

“…because they used to tease me. Since I got out of school, I got out of the little bubble I was in. I go out there and just talk to people."

What do you think?

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