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Effingham County Puts Pair Of Teams In Nationals

Effingham County has a pair of softball teams going to nationals next week.

The Angels in the USSSA 14-and-under and the Pride in the 12-and-under. 

Rick Snow takes a look at these remarkable teams that have already accomplished so much.

The Angels are making their third straight trip to a national tournament when they travel to Salem Virginia.  This is a team that is growing up on the softball field, playing together since most of them were just 7 years old.

Chuck Smith-I go back and look at pictures when they were 7 or 8 years old, where we started off just learning how to catch a fly ball, now they're throwing a hundred miles an hour it seems and it's a really, really cool thing.

All those years together helps the players become a real team.

Georgia Dowling- I think it helps us because we know each other, we know each others strengths and weaknesses.  I think it's good for us because we've been together a long time and we just know each other better and it helps the sport, and it's a team sport.  It's good to know your teammates

Lynnzie Crosby- It makes our team better because we all get along, none of us argue, and it does make us better.

Coach Smith thinks they have a chance to make some noise on the national level.

Chuck Smith- We're a tough team to beat.  We really are.  We've got a lot of different things we can do.

And not only are the Angels going to the nationals, but the 12-and-under team, the Pride, they're going to the nationals all the way out in Sacramento, California.

Ashleigh Woods- Well, going to nationals is a really big deal.  Only the best, you have to work hard to put in all the effort to get in and when you're going, it's nerve wracking to go there.  You're just going to do what you love and you're just going to go and do your best.

Even as young as the Pride players are, they don't lack confidence.

Kylie Bohl- I think our hitting is really good.  We have the top of the lineup and bottom of the lineup that all just get on base.

Both teams begin play next week.  Rick Snow, WTOC Sports.

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