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Speak Out Editorial- 7/30


Here is the tragedy behind the tragedy of the two people killed and nine wounded in a Louisiana movie theater last week.  

The gunman was known to be mentally unstable, having spent time twice in Alabama Mental institutions. His own family had sought a restraining order against him for fear of his violent tendencies. But, due to a loophole in the Georgia law, or a mistake somewhere in the Georgia process, he didn't meet the technical requirement of being involuntarily committed, and so he wasn't flagged when he went to buy the gun that he used to shoot those people in Lafayette.

At our editorial board meeting Monday, we were discussing the growing number of arbitrary shootings in recent years: Columbine, Sandy Hook, Florida State, Charleston, Lafayette. The list goes on with all of the tragedy that follows. It's time for action to close the loopholes that allow guns to be sold to people who turn them on the innocent. And, it's time to increase the diligence expected from businesses who sell lethal weapons to the public. By the way, a private seller isn't required to do a background check at all. Ponder that for a little while and then tell us: What do you think?

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