Truck Carrying SUVs Flips on I-95

There was a big mess from a big rig accident along I-95 last night. A semi carrying nine brand new SUVs ran off the side of the road, flipped over and came to rest all the way off the other side, just a few feet from the entrance to South Carolina's welcome center.

The cleanup seemed to take forever. Fortunately the wreck that left all the debris didn't claim any lives.

"It's not often that we have a nine-car pileup involving one driver," noted Rob Dewig of the Hardeeville police.

Just before 4pm Thursday afternoon, investigators say 34-year-old Johnnie Robinson, Jr., from Savannah, flipped his rig. Amazingly, despite it being rush hour along I-95, no other cars were involved. That's because Robinson had been weaving all over for miles and the other motorists had given him a lot of room.

"Witnesses that I spoke with after the wreck said it was just a matter of time before he wrecked, went off the side of the road and flipped over," said Dewig. "It was inevitable, we just couldn't get to him in time."

Dewig says there was a problem with the trailer and he's not sure why Robinson kept driving for so long with the rig swinging behind.

A cleanup of this magnitude isn't easy for the wrecking service. They had to cut off the four remaining vehicles that were still latched on top and drag them away, but the hard part was going to be the ones inside the rig. They actually had to flip the rig up and drag them away still sitting in place.

"They're not going to get damaged no more, it don't look like," said TL Ray with Ray's Garage and Diesel.

Traffic was backed up for a couple miles at one point, but it never got too bad since the semi actually ended up off to the side of the interstate and no lanes were cut off.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,