Fairhaven Funeral Home sets up guest book to remember Military killed in Chattanooga shooting

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's been almost three weeks since the shooting deaths of four Marines and one sailor in Chattanooga.

Since then, people in our strong military community have been looking for a way to express their feelings and condolences to the families. One Savannah funeral home is giving people an opportunity to honor these servicemen and their families.

That's why Fairhaven Funeral Home has set up guest books at both of its locations in Savannah and Garden City. People have been able to come in, sign the book and add condolences. Those books will then be sent to the family members of the four Marines and sailor involved in this tragedy.

Fairhaven officials said they know how big the military community is here, and have many people who work at the funeral home who have served this country.

"Us being a funeral home, when dealing with death every day, it touches your heart," said Betty Williams. "No matter whether you have it here locally or across the world, anytime there is a death your heart hurts for the family, for our military especially because they live for us and sadly they die for us."

You can sign a book at both Fairhaven Funeral Home locations during normal business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., until Aug. 12.

Locations: 7415 Hodgson Memorial Dr., Savannah and 2794 U.S. Highway 80 West, Garden City near the intersection of U.S. 80 W. and Griffin Avenue.

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