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Buddy Carter discusses several issues while in Savannah Thursday


United States Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter discussed several issues while in Savannah Thursday at the Savannah Area Women’s Club luncheon at Johnny Harris.

Carter served in the Georgia State Legislature when the money was approved for the deepening of the Savannah ports, $220 million dollars by the state and $440 million dollars from the federal government. He says the next five federal budget years are crucial to the project, if the federal government doesn't live up to its end of the bargain.

“The state made its commitment, already starting the project. We don't need any bumps in the road, we're already behind a bit in, but if we can just keep the money flowing that will help us tremendously to bring that project to fruition,” said Carter.

Last week, Carter, plus, Georgia's U.S. Senators Johnny Isaakson and David Perdue all sat down with the Assistant Secretary of the Army, which is in charge of the U.S. Corps of Engineers to stress how important it is to have the money in their budget for the next fiscal year.

Carter also touched on a state department plan to build a new foreign affairs training center at Fort Pickett in Virginia, rather than expanding at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Brunswick.

Carter maintains the state department's proposal to spend $461 million to construct a brand new facility would be a waste of funds. He says the Brunswick location, FLETC, could be expanded to accommodate a new training program for far less money and save more over time.

“That report makes it perfectly clear, the better choice for the foreign affairs training center to be built would be in FLETC. It will save the taxpayers over a ten year period almost a billion dollars. I'm not going to stand around and watch the government waste a billion dollars of precious taxpayer money,” Carter said.

Carter shared his views of the U.S. accord with Iran, disagreeing with President Obama, saying Iran can’t be trusted.

"Because they have broken about every one of their agreements we have ever had with them. What bothers me most about this is, we started off this process without an anytime, anywhere inspection. Now we are up to a 24-day period where they have to prepare, for an inspection. That's ridiculous in my mind,” Carter said.

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