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Could food trucks be the next big thing in Savannah?


Could food trucks be the new thing in Savannah? 

Thursday's presentation at City Council was to simply put the idea on the table, get plans in place to hear from the public about it, and talk about whether Savannah would be a good place where these trucks could succeed.

The concept has worked in other cities, so why not try it out here in Savannah? Sounds simple enough, but there are many things the city has to consider.

"You do not want a food truck to pull up in the front of your restaurant and essentially take your customers away,” said Mike Vaquer, who represents Restaurants of Georgia.

Established restaurants want to make sure that the trucks will be regulated on where they can sell, how close they can sell, and when they can sell. There are 4,130 food trucks in the U.S. The average cost of a food truck is $85,000 and the average revenue generated per food truck is $290, 556.

In Savannah, there are 23 permitted Food Trucks but only 9 of those are active. Food Trucks are currently allowed at special events in the city and college campuses.

"They key here is, it has to be implemented properly with the proper controls and proper protections,” Vaquer said.

The city is hoping to establish a uniform set of rules and regulations which are fair and equitable while encouraging a variety of food options for the people in Savannah. Food trucks also provide a great opportunity for not only entrepreneurs but restaurants.

Vaquer added, “Establish their own food trucks and take their food into areas and events that they may not otherwise be able to participate in."

Food trucks also would bring a unique aspect to the city.

"Millennials are looking for something like that when they come and do a city like Savannah. I think the younger generation is enjoying that type of offering," said Joe Marinelli, Visit Savannah. "Having different experiences like that really adds to the overall Savannah visits."

Moving forward there will be public meetings, meetings with restaurant and business owners, as well as city surveys folks can take to add their opinions about food trucks in Savannah.

The time table set out Thursday would mean the city may be able to see these food trucks as early as the first of the year.

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