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Boy shaves head for 'Beautiful Lengths' for cancer patients

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One Savannah boy has been growing his for the last two years and on Friday, he finally cut his hair.

Kellen Blankenship, 11, is about to start a new school year with a new do.

Calvary Day has rules about hair, so he had to cut it. That wasn’t a problem because it's a private school, and the family knew what they were getting into when they signed up.

But what they found along the two year hair growing journey has been more valuable than anything.

"I really wanted to give kids hair who were fighting cancer,” Kellen said.

"He came home and so many people loved his Shirley Temple hair. He said ‘mom do you think a girl fighting cancer would like to have my hair’. As a mother of a 9-year-old, you tear up because you think that it’s the greatest thing your child recognizes,” said Reagan Blankenship, Kellen’s mom.

The journey this boy has been on hasn't been easy. Kids and adults can be mean. He's had to deal with a lot of name-calling.

"Curly, Girl, Goldilocks,” Kellen said, referring to names he has been called in the past. "But mainly called me a girl because how long my hair was."

"You know, have a nice day little girl,” Reagan added, “I was ready to fight to defend him. He'd say ‘mom it's ok, I have a reason.’"

This sports-minded little boy, has weathered the storm through every season. A reflection of not what he has on his head, but in his heart.

Reagan said, "This is not something we did. I've been almost ready to cut this hair because it's hard to get the tangles out."

"Growing it out, telling them I was growing hair for kids that needed it more than I did,” Kellen said.

One cut from above and two years of growing is over. But this boy who some called a girl, has the last laugh on himself.

“Kind of look like Abby Wambach... the top.... the top... the top,” Kellen said.

A reflection of not what Kellen has on his head, but what really is in his heart.

“I'm kind of happy that I'm going to make someone else happy with my hair,” Kellen said.

Kellen's hair will now go to the program called “Beautiful Lengths” through Pantene.

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