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Hot weather affecting crops in Bulloch Co.


All summer, the heat has been relentless in South Georgia. One specific area has significantly been affected by the hot weather: farming.

In Bulloch County, some crops will spend more time in the fields, while others fared better.

Peanut plants in Greg Sikes' fields need another month to grow this year. They'd normally be ready by this time of the year.

“The drought hurt. It didn't hurt as bad as it could have. It hurt some areas worse than others. We've got some peanuts that had to start completely over because they were so dry,” said Sikes.

A few rains - and the shade of the clouds gave the plants enough relief to recover and develop.

Elsewhere, he and other corn growers run pickers across the fields to collect that crop. The heat affected some spots in different ways - depending the variety and how mature plants were when the heat came.

“It looks good. It all goes back to when it was planted because those 100 degree temperatures we had during the summer can sometimes cause problems,” said Bill Tyson, University of Georgia Extension Agent.

They hope the yields on both crops can help offset low prices in the market.

Corn growers need some dry weather now to get the rest of the crop out of the fields. Meanwhile, peanuts need a few more strategic rains over the next month or so. And before they know it, it will be time for cotton and soybeans.

Agriculture accounts for $180 million of the local economy and 52 percent of that comes from row crops like peanuts, corn, cotton, and soybeans.

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