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Residents want changes to dangerous intersection


Some residents in East Savannah are fed-up because they say drivers are constantly speeding through their neighborhood, causing wrecks.

Police say there have been a dozen crashes sine 2014 at the intersection of Anderson Street and Atlantic Avenue. One of the accidents was Wednesday morning.

Even though there is a flashing light, residents say there needs to be a red light. They say drivers fly through the area, going past the bus stop and school zone.

"See they just speed all the time-- they don't slow down for anything,” said Sonja Clements, concerned resident.

Clements said something needs to be done about the traffic on Anderson Street. She said there have been several crashes just in the last two weeks, including one she witnessed Wednesday morning.

"I heard that big bang and I ran over here-- the car was upside down,” Clements said.

She said the vehicle hit several parked cars that belonged to teachers at the nearby school. There is a flashing yellow light and several signs warning drivers to be careful at the intersection because there is also heavy foot traffic, with the school on one corner and a CAT bus stop on the other.

The speed limit is 30 miles per hour unless it’s during the school zone hours, then it’s 25 mph.

In the 12 crashes at this intersection since 2014, in several cases, people were hurt. It's not clear whether speed was a factor in all of them, but residents like Clements say, a tragedy is waiting to happen if something isn't done.

"You know like bicyclists, they come by and the people just speed by them and they don't pay attention to what they are doing. And someone is going to get really hurt or killed -- see like this (points to car speeding) -- before they do anything," said Clements.

WTOC reached out to the Department of Transportation, who said this intersection is the responsibility of the city.  We reached out to city officials several times today and are still waiting to hear back.

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